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garret, garrote
garret (GAR it) (noun)
A small space under the roof of a building; sometimes used for storage or converted into a place for human occupancy: When JackĀ moved to the city, he livedĀ in a garret at the top of the winding stairs.
garrote (guh RAHT, guh ROHT") (noun)
A method of execution formerly practiced in 17th century Spain, in which a tightened iron collar was used to strangle or to break the neck of a condemned person: The multiple murderer was executed by the Spanish authorities with a garrote which was also the criminal's method of killing others.

Be sure you know the difference between a garret and a garrote because there is definitely no similarity in their applications.

According to a medieval legend, the man who was responsible for several murders by garrotte was hiding in the garret of a small house in the lane.