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garner (verb), garners; garnered; garnering
1. To earn or to acquire something by effort: One-year-old Tommy garnered the attention of his mother with his attempt to walk for the very first time.
2. To collect or to accumulate information or facts: The lawyer had to garner the evidence as much as possible before the lawsuit went to court.
3. To gather items into storage or into a granary: The crop was garnered by the farmer after it had been reaped from the fields.
4. To assemble or to compile something: David likes to garner and to put rare stamps into his collection.

Bill garnered his thoughts together while he was working on his essay.

5. Etymology: Originally a noun derived from Latin granarium, "granary".
To acquire something as the result of an effort.
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To collect or to gather support for a cause.
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To obtain one's thoughts before answering questions.
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