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gap, gape
gap (GAP) (noun)
1. A break, separation, or space in the continuity of a structure: The horses escaped through the gap in the fence.
2. A wide disparity or difference in attitudes or opinions: The generation gap is the subject of many books and articles.
gape (GAYP, GAP) (verb)
To look at something with a look of incredulity or wonder: Lenora and Ronda could only gape in amazement at the performers at the circus.

Through the gap in the stage curtain, Willian could gape unnoticed at the audience. He noticed a significant gap between the afternoon, the matinee, and the evening audiences.

(Latin: yawning, the act of yawning; to gape [see the definitions for these words below])
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gape (verb), gape; gaped; gaping
1. To stare at with an open mouth, as in wonder: At her birthday party, Becky suddenly gaped when she saw her high school friend whom she hadn’t seen for 10 years!
2. To involuntarily open the mouth wide, as the result of hunger, sleepiness, or absorbed attention: Greg was so sleepy after staying up for more than 24 hours, that he gaped, or yawned, right in front of some strangers!
3. To open or to become wide open: The curtains in the children's bedroom were gaped and so they could see the stars and the moon in the sky while they were in bed and before they fell asleep.
4. To open the oral cavity; especially, of feathered creatures: The baby birds were gaping as their mother thrust food into their beaks.
To stare with the mouth open.
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