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gantlet, gauntlet
gantlet (GAWNT lit, GAHNT lit) (noun)
Railroad terminology, an extent of railroad track that is characterized by the track of one section lying within the track of a second section, to highlight a switching area: The train operator was alert to the gantlet on the railway so the change from one course to the other could take place safely.
gauntlet (GAWNT lit, GAHNT lit) (noun)
1. A heavy or protective glove used on industrial sites: The steelworkers used a heat-resistant gauntlet on each hand while they were working.
2. An ordeal, either literally or figuratively in which an individual is required to dash between foes who attempt to harm that person: The criticism of the proposal was so severe, the new senator felt as if she had run the gauntlet and had been battered about.

During the severe rain storm, the railroad switchman wore a gauntlet on each hand to protect his hands while he was switching the gantlet to prevent any disasters.