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galley, gallery
galley (GAWL ee) (noun)
1. The kitchen and equipment on a ship, airplane, or train: The galley on the ocean liner was well furnished for the chef who loved to cook.
2. In printing and publishing, a single column of type set or the initial print or proof made from the column of type set: The editor checked the galley for spelling and factual errors.
gallery (GAWL uh ree) (noun)
1. A room or building for the purpose of exhibiting works of art: The gallery just off the main street was renowned for its fine presentations of paintings.
2. A platform or construction in an auditorium which provides seating for an audience, often with inexpensive seats: The students always bought their tickets so they could sit in the gallery of the auditorium when they went to concerts.

When Trisha and Nikki visited the Maritime Museum, they sat in the gallery above the model of a galley and watched the staff from the museum demonstrate how printing used to be done.

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