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gag, gag, gag, gag, gaga
gag (GAG) (noun)
Something that is put into or over a person's mouth in order to keep him or her from speaking or calling out: The hostage had a gag put over her mouth so she couldn't yell for help.
gag (GAG) (verb)
To censor or to prevent anyone from speaking freely or expressing an opinion: The government was trying to gag the press from revealing any more political corruptions.
gag (GAG) (verb)
To cause to choke, to retch, or to undergo a regurgitative spasm: The odor in the house made her gag or gasp for fresh air.

The sausage apparently got stuck in Art's throat and he could only gag on it until it came out.

gag (GAG) (noun)
Something said or done to make people laugh: The comedian had people laughing as he told one gag after the other.
gaga (GAH GAH) (adjective)
1. Completely enthusiastic, excited, or infatuated about or in something or someone: Rhoda's son is gaga about the new neighbor's daughter.

Why are so many people so gaga about that movie?

2. Crazy, silly, or foolish: It has been said, that a lot of people were gaga about President Obama; especially, right after his election.

"Polaroid Goes Gaga in that Lady Gaga will be in charge of directing Polaroid creatively, and she will also be in charge of working with them on a co-branded line, a Polaroid-branded sub-brand with a Lady Gaga twist to it."

—As seen in,
"Polaroid Talks about Lady Gaga's Role with the Company" by Chris Crum;
dated, January 30, 2010.

At first, some people were gaga about the gag the comedian told in the restaurant, but it apparently caused others to gag on their food and there were those who were wishing that someone would put a gag on his "sick" humor.