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futurity (noun), futurities (pl)
1. The possibility that an event is going to take place: The futurities of the sports events are expected next month.
2. The quality or condition of something happening in a later time: In the English language futurities may be expressed with "will" or "shall" in verbal expressions.
3. The afterlife: Some religions promise eternal life in futurity.
4. A situation or event that will take place the next day or at some later date: Manual's skills in computer programming remain more of a futurity than a current reality.

Last Sunday's preacher, Mr. Greg, urged his congregation to change the way they live today, instead of looking for some undetermined or vague futurity.

Benjamin said that one of these days he should go back to see his friend Royce, but futurities were so uncertain that he didn't know when he would be able to meet him.

Also called "futurity race" which is horse racing that is usually for two-year-olds, in which the entrants are selected long before the race is run, sometimes even before the birth of the foal.

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