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funnel (s) (noun), funnels (pl)
A cone-shaped utensil with a large opening at the top and a small opening or tube at the bottom; used to channel the flow of substances or liquids into a container with a small mouth.
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(Greek: funnel; a combining form denoting a relationship to a funnel or to a funnel-like structure)
(Latin: funnel; literally, "the [little] thing into which something is poured"; a funnel-shaped organ of the body)
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android pelvis, funnel-shaped pelvis
A female pelvis shape having certain characteristics of the typical male pelvis.

The inlet is wedge-shaped, the side walls converge, and the retropubic angle and the subpubic arch are both narrow.

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penetrating funnel (s) (noun), penetrating funnels (pl)
An impact crater formed by a small meteorite that strikes the earth at a relatively low speed and which contains nearly all of the impacting mass within it: The astronomers were fascinated by the penetrating funnels which were discovered after the meteorite shower during the summer.
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funnel cloud
A rotating extension of a cloud that touches, or does not touch the ground; usually, associated with clouds that have the potential to form tornadoes or waterspouts.
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