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funky, punky
funky (FUHNG kee) (adjective)
1. Characteristic of something having a moldy or musty smell; having a strong, offensive, unwashed odor: Patrice bought some funky cheese for her lunch.

When Babs went down into the cellar, she noticed a funky odor.

2. Stylish or appealing in an unusual way: The couple had dinner at a funky little Spanish restaurant last night.
punky, punkie, punkey (PUHNG kee) (adjective)
Referring to someone being weak in spirits or health; run down, tired, worn out, dragging, or maybe on the verge of getting sick; for example, with the flu or a cold: Dad said he was feeling punky because he wasn't feeling very well even though he wasn't very sick; as least, not yet.

"Hey, how are you doing today, Willis?"

"Not very well. I'm feeling punky today."

The doctor said that Bill was feelingĀ  punky because he was living in a basement apartment which had a strong funky odor.