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fume (s) (noun), fumes (pl)
1. The volatile matter produced by and usually accompanying combustion; such as, smoke from burning wood, leaves, tobacco, etc.
2. Odorous smoke (e.g. that of incense, tobacco, etc.).
3. Something used or prepared for producing aromatic vapor.
4. Odor or odorous exhalation (either fragrant or offensive) emitted from a substance, flower, etc.: "The smokestack fumed in great black billows."
5. The vapor given off by acids and volatile substances; said especially of exhalations or vapors that are irritating, harmful, smelly, stifling, etc.
6. In a figurative sense, something comparable to smoke or vapor as being unsubstantial, transient, imaginary, etc.
7. Exhalation from the stomach; as the fumes of wine.
8. Rage; heat; as the fumes of passion.
9. Any thing unsubstantial or fleeting; for example, idle conceit or vain imagination.
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fume (verb), fumes; fumed; fuming
1. To smoke; to throw off vapor, as in combustion: "Where the golden altar fumed."
2. To say something in an angry way: "The workers fumed that the company made changes without consulting or even letting them know what was about to happen."
3. To produce and to pass off smoke and fumes in vapors: "The volcano was fuming thick, black smoke."
4. To be in a rage; to be hot with anger: "He's fuming at not being invited to the party last night."
5. To disperse or to drive away in vapors. "The heat will fume away most of the scent."
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