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fumarium (s) (noun), fumaria (pl)
A place for smoking; a smoke chamber: "Recently there was a Public Health law enacted that restaurants had to build a fumarium to protect non-smokers and to accommodate their customers who wanted to smoke."
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Fumaria officinalis; earth smoke
1. A delicate European herb with grayish leaves and spikes of purplish flowers; formerly used as a medicine: "Fumaria officinalis are parts that are used from flowering parts and leaves that were used as laxatives, diuretic, epidermal maladies, and biliary disease."
2. Etymology: from the 14th century via Old French fumeterre from medieval Latin fumus terrae, "smoke of the earth"; because of its grayish foliage.

The "smoky" or "fumy" origin of its name is also said to come from the translucent color of its flowers, giving them the appearance of smoke or of hanging in smoke, as well as the slightly gray-blue haze color of its foliage, which was thought to resemble smoke coming from the ground.

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