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frustrate (verb), frustrates; frustrated; frustrating
1. To prevent someone or something from succeeding or something from coming to fruition: All of the attempts to go out to sea were frustrated by high winds for Jim and his friends.
2. To make a person feel disappointed, exasperated, or weary because he or she is unable to accomplish certain goals or desires: The results of Judy's math test turned out to be very poor and so it frustrated her very much because she had studied so hard and so long to get a good grade.
3. To cause feelings of discouragement or bafflement: Susan tried again and again to solve the jigsaw puzzle, but it frustrated and confused her even though she worked on it so persistently!
4. To make ineffectual or invalid; to nullify: The failure of passing her final exam frustrated Evelyn’s hopes of passing her history class, so she had to take the subject over again!
To hinder or to prevent efforts to accomplish something that is desired.
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