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frees, freeze, frieze
frees (FREEZ) (verb)
To release, to let go: As Mike frees his leg from the hole in the ice of the lake, someone throws him a rope so he can crawl back to safety.
freeze (FREEZ) (verb)
1. To change into a solid by the loss of heat, or to cause a liquid to do this; especially, to change into ice: This pond can freeze in the winter if the temperature gets too low.
2. To preserve something, especially food, by subjecting it to and storing it at a temperature at an extremely low cold point: Anyone can freeze meat in a freezer and keep it frozen at a temperature of -18°C.
3. To prohibit the conversion of assets or to use them: The officials had to freeze the bank accounts in order to deprive the criminal of his ill gotten gains.
frieze (FREEZ) (noun)
A decorative horizontal band; for example, along the upper part of a wall in a room: The frieze Alice's mother chose for the living-room is really quite beautiful.

Aurora is thinking that she will freeze when she is outside working on the ornamental frieze on the wall surrounding the gazebo (small building with open sides) in the garden; however, the faster she can finish it, the sooner it frees up her time to go to the movies.