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fraise (FRAYZ) (noun)
A barrier or defense of pointed, inclined stakes or of barbed wire: Joe was not able to escape because of the fraise surrounding the prison.
frays (FRAYZ) (noun)
A scuffle or brawl: Many crime movies show frays between the police and the culprits.
frays (FRAYZ) (verb)
1. To alarm or to frighten: The old man frays the little girl without meaning to.
2. To wear away by rubbing; for example, the edges of fabric: Barbara frays the old pair of jeans at the bottom because she wears them much too long.
phrase (FRAYZ) (noun)
1. A sequence of words regarded as a meaningful unit: Mrs. Dickson said, "Charles, you may answer with a phrase, not necessarily with a complete sentence."

Please answer the following question with a complete sentence, not just a phrase or phrases.

2. A characteristic way or mode of expression; a brief expression that is commonly used: A phrase Francine's mother often used was to be completely "fagged out" after working so hard in the garden.

To borrow a phrase from Jerome's sister, she would tell her children that they were spending too much time "watching the boob tube" and not doing enough physical activities outside.

The phrase in the book described the fraise which had been erected around the yard. The fraise was built because there have been too many frays among the residents.