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fragment (noun), fragments; synonyms: debris, débris; rubbish; rubble; trash
1. A part that is broken off something or left when anything is shattered.
2. Something that is broken or separated into pieces or small parts.
    Synonyms of fragment, fragments
  • debris, useless accumulation of miscellaneous particles; waste in the form of fragments: "When the earthquake stopped, rescuers started to dig through the debris in search of survivors."
  • rubbish, things that are no longer useful, or wanted, and that have been thrown out; trash: "Please pick up all of the rubbish that has been collecting in the back yard."
  • rubble, broken pieces of stone, rock, etc. from walls or buildings that have fallen: "After the earthquake reduced the town to débris, rescue workers managed to pull some injured people out of the rubble."
  • trash, things that are no longer useful or wanted and that have been thrown away; informal, something that is very low in quality: "Trash was scattered all around in his yard and he spent most of his time watching TV trash and even trashing his living quarters."
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amplified fragment length polymorphism (s) (noun), amplified fragment length polymorphisms (pl)
A rapid method for detecting variations in DNA sequences between individuals, using the polymerase chain reaction technique which involves a process in molecular genetics that permits the analysis of any short sequence of DNA (or RNA) even in samples that contain exceptionally small quantities of DNA or RNA.
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