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forth, fourth
forth (FORTH) (adverb)
1. Forward, onward in time or place: From that day forth or from that time onward.
2. Out into notice or view: There was a flow of lava bursting forth from the earth.

The snow is gone and the flowers are ready to spring forth.

fourth (FORTH) (noun)
1. A 4th or one of four equal parts of something: Melba cut the small cake into one fourth piece for each person.
2. The number of something greater than three and less than five: David will be flying in on the fourth of the following month.

The ball player got a base hit in the fourth inning.

Nettie was fourth in line when her name was called forth for her to pick up her registration package for summer school.

Units related to: “fourth
(Latin: four, fourth; a word element for number 4)
(Latin: fourth, four)
(Greek: triangular; fourth letter; Δ, δ, of the Greek alphabet)
(Mars [Greek: Ares], Roman god of war; fourth planet from the sun)
(Greek: one fourth)