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fortune (s) (noun), fortunes (pl)
1. A position in life as determined by wealth: Sam found a way to make his fortune.
2. Wealth or riches: There are too many who have lost their fortunes in bad investments.
3. Great wealth; ample stock of money, property, and the like: Gisela's inheritance appears to be worth a fortune.
4. An unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that leads to a favorable outcome: Each of the brothers had the good fortune of marrying the right women.

Fortunes are things that happen or are going to happen to a person in his or her life.
5. Fate; one's lot or destiny: Josh is prepared to live with whatever his fortune may provide.
6. Having unintended success and prosperity: Harriet's family was blessed with a fortune as a result of their investments.
7. Someone's destiny or future events: The impromptu celebration was the result of fortune for everyone concerned.

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fortune, fortune
fortune (FOR chuhn) (noun)
A large amount of money: The Brooks family feel that their house is worth a fortune.

Marie made her fortune in real estate before the economic decline.

fortune (FOR chuhn) (noun)
1. Something that happens by chance or luck: The Charles family had the good fortune to escape injury when their car swerved into the ditch.
2. The future that someone or something will have: Lila said that she could tell Jim's fortune or how successful he would be in times to come.

At the local carnival, Christine had her fortune told and it was suggested that she could earn a fortune if she were to get her book published.

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(Latin: lot, fortune, fate)
(Greek: chance, fortune, fate, providence; by accident, an unforeseen or unexpected occurrence)
(Greek: used as a suffix; divination, prophecy, fortune telling; to interpret signs so “practical” decisions can be made [related to -mania])
(fortune telling or paying more attention to the future than the present)
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A midget fortune-teller who escapes from prison is a small medium at large.
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Chance or Fortune: Tyche, Fortuna
Greek: Tyche (goddess)
Latin: Fortuna (goddess)
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fortune hunter (s) (noun), fortune hunters (pl)
A person who is trying to become very wealthy; especially, by marrying a wealthy person: In her novel The Buccaneers, the author, Edith Wharton, wrote of the lives of several female fortune hunters seeking husbands in England.
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fortune telling (lexicomedy)
Seance fiction.
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fortune-teller, fortune teller (s) (noun); fortune-tellers, fortune tellers (pl)
Someone who claims to use special powers to tell what will happen to someone in time to come: At the circus, Margaret paid a fortune teller hoping to hear a prediction of love and wealth.
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fortune-telling, fortune telling (s) (noun); fortune-telling, fortune tellings
The practice of predicting the time ahead for those who are seeking a better life: Fortune-telling can consist of a person looking into a crystal ball, palm reading, and other methods with the intention of giving people a hope that something good will happen to them.
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