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fortuitous, fortunate
fortuitous (fohr TOO i tuhs, fohr TYOO i tuhs) (adjective)
Relating to something which happens by chance: His fortuitous arrival at the scene saved our lives.
fortunate (FOHR chuh nit) (adjective)
Describing a person who receives and enjoys some unexpected good; lucky: Keith and Jaime were fortunate that they got home before the storm hit their neighborhood.

Joseph was fortunate that the unforeseen but fortuitous closing of the museum meant that he could go to the baseball game instead.

fortunate (adjective), more fortunate, most fortunate
Pertaining to being blessed, favored, or well-off: It was most fortunate and unexpected that Ivan was able to get a ticket for the concert that evening.

With all of his ailments, Frank is fortunate to have such a loving and devoted wife.

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(Latin: right, right hand, to the right; therefore, "skillful, fortunate")
(Latin: happy, fortunate)
(if patients are fortunate, this is the art of keeping them involved while nature cures their diseases)
(Arabic: the gift of finding interesting things by chance; the faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; an apparent talent for making fortunate discoveries accidentally)