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forth, fourth
forth (FORTH) (adverb)
1. Forward, onward in time or place: From that day forth or from that time onward.
2. Out into notice or view: There was a flow of lava bursting forth from the earth.

The snow is gone and the flowers are ready to spring forth.

fourth (FORTH) (noun)
1. A 4th or one of four equal parts of something: Melba cut the small cake into one fourth piece for each person.
2. The number of something greater than three and less than five: David will be flying in on the fourth of the following month.

The ball player got a base hit in the fourth inning.

Nettie was fourth in line when her name was called forth for her to pick up her registration package for summer school.

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(Greek > Latin: a prefix signifying before; forward, forth; for, in favor of; in front of; in place of, on behalf of; according to; as, to place before; to go before or forward, to throw forward)