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fort, forte
fort (FORT) (noun)
A securely protected place for military defense: The fort was captured after a long battle.
forte (FOR tay") (noun)
1. A note or passage of music played or sung in a loud, forceful manner: The notation on the score, "f", meaning forte, suggested that the musician should perform the piece in a full and powerful way.
2. Something that a person is particularly good at: She said that cooking was not really her forte.

Bret studied military history and his forte was in analysing the foundations of the old fort in the city.

forte (FORT) (s) (noun), fortes (FORTS (pl)
Something which a person does very well or with excellence; with reference to, talent, strength, ability, skill, etc.: Connecting well with clients has always been her forte which is what makes Mary such a great sales executive.

As a student, Shirley can play classical and pop music, but her real forte is jazz improvisation or creating solos off the top of her head based on what she feels like doing at the time.

Ted told his mother that he was better than his friend in English and social studies, but not in math; that is Joe's forte.

A person's strong point.
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One's strong point of success.
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