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for (FOR, FOHR) (preposition)
1. Used to indicate the place someone or something is going to or toward: Sheena was heading for home when the accident happened.
2. Used to indicate the thing that something is meant to be used with: The food here is for Mildred's birthday party.
3. In order to help or serve someone or something: Jim offered to carry the heavy box for Lily.
fore (FOR, FOHR) (adjective)
Concerning something that is located at or toward the front or the front part: The emergency exits which are located at the fore area of a plane are very important.
four (FOR, FOHR) (noun)
1. The cardinal number between three and five: Robbie has four children to take care of.
2. An indication of the time of day following three o'clock: Art comes back every afternoon from work at four from Monday to Friday.

When the two couples go out to eat, they often request a table for four in the fore part of the restaurant.

A unit related to: “fore
(Latin: before, in front of; fore, prior, preceding; used as a prefix)
(Old English: a prefix meaning before in place, rank, or time; in advance)
(Latin: forensis of a forum, place of assembly; public, public speaking; foras, foranus, outside, residing outside, out of doors)
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(Old English: a prefix meaning before in place, rank, or time; in this unit.