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forceps (pl) (used as a singular) (noun)
1. A device or instrument that is used in surgery or other medical procedures for taking hold of or for clasping or grasping objects.
2. Etymology: from Latin forceps, "pair of tongs, or pincers"; a compound of formus, "hot" + the root of capere, "to hold, to take".
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lithotomy forceps
A forceps (a specialized surgical instrument used to hold things; such as, dressings, tissues, or organs) for the extraction of a calculus, usually from the urinary tract.
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sequestrum forceps (s) (noun); sequestrum forceps, sequestrum forcipes (pl)
A medical tool with two long narrow parts, used for holding things during medical operations: Sequestrum forceps have small but strong serrated jaws for removing pieces of skeletal structure that have formed in a fragment of lifeless bone that is separated from that which is in good condition as a result of an injury or a disease.
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a medical instrument, shaped like tongs, used to extract a baby during difficult births, as well as for other surgical applications.