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forever, for ever
forever (fohr EV uhr) (adverb)
Relating to taking a very long time concerning some event or happening: It has taken forever to resolve these political problems.

Jose is forever asking silly questions about the meanings of words.

for ever (fohr EV uhr) (adverb)
Descriptive of continuing for a very long time; eternally: Jodie said Jason promised that he would love her for ever.

Justine's father promised her that he would love her for ever.

In the United States, the term forever is normally the preferred spelling; while in other English-speaking areas, it is acceptable to use the separated words of for ever; so, essentially, either one can be used to express the same meanings; however, one dictionary (Collins English Dictionary) states that: forever and for ever can both be used to say that something is "without end". For all other meanings, forever is the preferred form.

Eric had a new friendship with someone in the United States who promised to love him forever; however, because he lived in Canada, he promised to love her for ever.