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ferment, ferment, foment
ferment (FUR ment") (verb)
To undergo or to cause the gradual decomposition of an organic compound induced by enzymes, bacteria, yeast, etc.: Nathan wants to ferment hops and barley so he can make some beer at home.
ferment (FUR ment") (noun)
A situation in which there is much excitement and confusion caused by some kind of change: After the opposing political party finally won the election, the town was in a state of ferment.
foment (foh MENT) (verb)
To cause or to try to cause the growth or development of something bad or harmful: To foment or to incite people to plan a revolution without thinking can have very serious consequences!

In order to foment a revolt among the farm hands, the revolutionary forces spread lies which caused a state of ferment among the farmers.

They even went to the local pub and ordered beer which was made when the hops and barley could ferment together.

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foment (foh MENT) (verb), foments; fomented, fomenting
1. To stir up or to agitate: Lorna did as much as she could to foment a quarrel between the two politicians at the political rally.
2. To provoke discontent or discord and to cause external fury: The king's enemies fomented a rebellion which resulted in the royal family being expelled from their throne.
To rouse or instigate trouble.
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To create a quarrel.
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To excite or to stir up public revolt.
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To arouse, to instigate, or to inflame discord or antagonism. (3)