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(Latin: follow, followed, following)
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follow (verb), follows; followed, following
1. To go or to come after or behind someone or something: Stanley followed his mother into the kitchen so he could get something to eat.

After the first sheep goes through the gate into the pen, the rest of them will follow.

Polly and Dina were sure that someone was following them last night as they were going to their car; so, they got in and drove away quickly before the person they thought was following them could get any closer.

2. To come after something in time or place or as part of a series: Manfred's auto accident was followed by a long period of recovery.

After the severe storm ended, it was followed by a long period of rebuilding the damaged buildings and infrastructures of the community.

3. To happen after and as a result of something or to be true, or seem to be true, because of an action: From the evidence presented in the trial, it followed that the accused was guilty.
4. To move forward on a road, a path, etc.: Tom said, "O.K. Jesse, follow that path and you will find the log cabin that you rented."

The road follows the river fairly closely.

5. To understand the sense or logic of something or someone: Sherry found it difficult to follow the logic of Alan's reasoning.
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