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(Greek: womb, fold; vagina; from "bosom, lap, hollow")
(Greek > Latin: wrinkle, to make full of wrinkles; ridge, fold)
(Greek: double; two-fold)
(Latin: rein, bridle, a bit (as in a horses mouth); by extension, a medical term for a connecting fold of membrane in the body)
(Latin: plicare, plecare, to fold, bend, curve, turn, twine, twist, interweave, weave)
(Greek: a fold; folded)
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palpebral fold
A fold formed by the reflection of the conjunctiva from the eyelids unto the eye.

There are two folds, the superior (above) and the inferior (below).

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sulcus gluteus, gluteal fold
A prominent fold that marks the upper limit of the thigh from the lower limit of the buttock.

It coincides with the lower border of the gluteus maximus muscle and is the furrow between the buttock and the thigh.

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ventricular fold
One of the false vocal cords, or folds, of mucous membrane parallel to or above the true vocal cords.
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fold (s), folds (pl)
Curvatures in layers of rocks, generally found in rock formations that were originally horizontal and produced by stresses in the crust of the earth.

The angle of deformation of folds ranges from very small to extremely contorted; their size ranges from a few inches to many miles.

When folded rocks erode, the result is a series of parallel ridges and valleys; such as, those that can be observed in the Appalachian Mountains, the mountain range in the eastern United States extending from Quebec, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico.

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