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fable, foible
fable (FAY buhl) (noun)
1. A short story that is usually about animals and which is intended to teach a lesson: Lynn's favorite Aesop fable is about a fox and some grapes.
2. A story or statement that is not true: Carmela combines fact and fable to make her novel more interesting.
foible (FOI buhl) (noun)
A minor fault in someone's character or behavior: Each of us has some little foible which can be very amusing.

As a storyteller, Dudley often used a fable to illustrate a charming foible in a character’s personality.

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foible (s) (noun), foibles (pl)
1. A mannerism or an unusual habit or behavior that is considered strange or silly: Sally had the foible of checking to see if all the windows were closed in her apartment again before she left for work.
2. The minor weakness or deviation from what is regarded as normal in someone's character: Although Joan had her foibles, or shortcomings, her friends loved her for her generosity and positive attitudes.

One common foible that some people have is to remember only the pleasant things, or just the bad occurrences, that have taken place in their lives.

A weak aspect compared to another skill.
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A weakness of character.
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A defect in one's behavior.
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