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flesh, flesh, flush
flesh (FLESH) (verb)
To provide more information about something or to make more complete by adding details: Mary had to flesh out her story with more descriptions of the characters.
flesh (FLESH) (noun)
The physical nature of a person rather than the mind or spirit: Some people pay much more attention to the pleasures of the flesh than they do to mental and spiritual considerations.
flush (FLUSH) (verb)
1. To cause a strong flow of water or some other liquid to clean something: Gary's mother told him to remember that he should flush the toilet right after he uses it.

The doctor wanted to flush Haley's eyes with a special solution.

2. To become red in the face because of heat, emotion, anger, etc.: Selma always used to flush when her new boyfriend's name was mentioned.
3. To even or level with another surface: Willie told the carpenter that the bookshelves and the wall should flush with each other.

The article in the paper provided information to flesh out the details of the engineering project to raise the level of the road to flush with the sidewalk.

The details of the article made the engineer flush with anger because the plans were supposed to be secret.

flush (as related to this "flow, flowing" unit)
1. To clean a toilet by making water flow through the bowl, or to undergo this process.
2. To put something into the toilet and to flush it.
3. To clean or to clear something by liberally pouring water or another liquid into, on, or through it.
4. To remove deposits of rock fragments and other debris by flushing them with a high-velocity stream of water.
5. Etymology: from Latin fluxus, "flux"; from fluere, "to flow".
This entry is located in the following unit: fluct-, flucti-, -flux, flu-, flum-, -fluent, -fluence (page 4)
Word Entries containing the term: “flush
flush tank
1. A temporary storage tank for water and sewage for periodic release through a sewer.
2. A small tank filled with water to flush a toilet.
This entry is located in the following unit: fluct-, flucti-, -flux, flu-, flum-, -fluent, -fluence (page 4)