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1. Relating to fluids; substances, as liquids or gases, that are capable of flowing and that change their shapes at steady rates when acted upon by forces tending to change their shapes.
2. Relating to, or characteristic of a fluid or referring to a substance that easily changes its shape and is capable of flowing.
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fluidic self-assembly
A manufacturing process, patented by Alien Technology.

It involves flowing tiny microchips in a special fluid over a base with holes shaped to catch the chips. The process is designed to mass assemble billions of RFID tags at very low cost.

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fluidics, fluidic technology
1. A technology that carries out sensing, control, information processing, and actuation functions with fluid dynamic phenomena rather than mechanical moving parts.
2. The science, or technology, of using tiny jets of a gas or a liquid rather than electronic circuits for sensing, amplifying, or controlling certain functions.