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fluctuate (verb), fluctuates; fluctuated; fluctuating
1. To change often from high to low levels or from one thing to another in an unpredictable way: The temperatures during the summer months where Allen lived fluctuated so much that it caused some days to be very cold and other days to be uncomfortably hot.
2. Frequently changing the level, strength, or value of something that is higher or lower: Oil prices have fluctuated throughout the year.

President Trump's popularity has fluctuated during his term in office.

3. To change or to vary often and in an irregular manner; to waver; to be unsteady: David's small boat fluctuated quite a bit on the turbulent sea and sometimes almost turned over.
4. Etymology: from Latin fluctus, "a wave" and means "to move like a wave with alternate rising and falling".
To continually change from one position to another one.
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