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flourish (s), flourishes (pl)
1. A showy gesture or a dramatic or fancy way of doing something: "The actor came on the stage with a flourish."
2. Something which is added as a detail or a decoration: "The author's style is simple and clear; without any unnecessary flourishes."
3. A sudden smooth movement which is likely to be noticed: "With a flourish of his pen, the President signed the bill into law."
4. A short lively tune played on brass instruments: "The band entered the stadium with a flourish of trumpets."
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flourish (verb), flourishes; flourished, flourishing
1. To grow well or luxuriantly; to thrive well: The flowers flourished beautifully in Ned's and Raphael's back yard.
2. To be strong and healthy or to grow well; especially, because conditions are right.
3. To sustain continuous steady strong growth: There are those who believe that the economy is flourishing more and more in China.
4. To be in a period of highest productivity, excellence, or influence: Henry was a novelist who flourished by writing many stories for books.
5. Etymology: "to blossom, grow", from Old French floriss-, stem of florir, "blossom, flower, bloom, flourish", from Latin florere, "to bloom, to blossom, to flower"; figuratively "to flourish, be prosperous", is from flos, "a flower".
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