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flotsam, jetsam
flotsam (FLAHT suhm) (noun)
Floating pieces, parts, etc., from a ship that has been wrecked: After the storm, there was a lot of flotsam from wrecked vessels that had washed ashore.
jetsam (JET suhm) (noun)
Floating objects that are thrown into the water from a ship: None of the jetsam that David found on the beach was usable.

Along the shore Jodie could see a lot of flotsam from ship wrecks; however, here and there was some jetsam from a ship which she took to the museum.

The professor reminded his students that the phrase "flotsam and jetsam" is often used to refer to the accumulation of bits and pieces of junk along the shore that come from ships.

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flotsam (s) (noun), flotsams (pl)
1. Things or people that have been discarded and cast aside and are considered to be useless and lacking any value: Jim's apartment was cleared of boxes and other flotsams.
2. Wreckage that is found floating on water; such as, the ocean: There was flotsam washing up on shore after a shipwreck had taken place.
3. Vagrant or unemployed persons who are constantly moving from one place to another one without any financial funds: For many years, cities around the world have had flotsams who have been begging for money during the day and sleeping in the backstreets at night.
Unemployed and vagrant people who are drifters or continually moving from place to place, without any fixed home or job.
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