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A state in the southeastern United States bordered by Alabama, Georgia, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico whose capital is Tallahassee.

According to one source, the State of Florida was named by the Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de León, when he "reached its shores in 1513 during the Feast of the Flowers or Pascua Florida".

Juan Ponce de León landed on the peninsula we now call Florida, on Easter Sunday, the "Feast of Flowers", in 1513 and because of the feast and the variety and abundance of flowers in the area, the Spanish florida, "flowery", and the word for Easter, pascua, were used to designate the settlement, Pascua Florida or "Flowery Easter".

—Compiled from Words: Let's Get to Their Roots;
by Rev. Augustine J. Di Blasi; William-Frederick Press; New York; 1980; page 64.
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