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florid (adjective)
1. Elaborately or excessively ornamented in wording and style or overly complicated in wording and general style: "The mayor gave a florid welcoming speech to the foreign visitor."
2. Having an unhealthily glowing pink or red complexion: "Ceri's face was florid or tinged with red after being out in the sun so long."

"Dennis wiped the sweat off his florid face and neck as he was working out in the fitness studio during the summer heat."

3. Etymology: "strikingly beautiful", from French floride, "flourishing"; from Latin floridus, "flowery, in bloom", from flos, "flower".

"When florid came into English, it was used with the literal meaning "covered with flowers". English speakers borrowed it from the Latin adjective floridus, "blooming" or "flowery" which is from the verb flor?re, "to bloom".

"Now, florid also refers to an excessive style of speech, writing, or decoration."

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