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blob, blobs; blog, blogs; blog, blogs; flog, flogs; flog, flogs
blob, blobs (BLAHB, BLAHBZ) (nouns)
1. A soft, amorphous mass; an indistinct or shapeless form or object: Cave bugs and blobs rewrite the story of the beginning of life.
2. A usually small amount of something thick and wet: Brad still must clean up the blobs of paint that he dropped on the floor while he was painting the porch.
blog, blogs (BLAHG, BLAHGZ) (verbs)
To write entries in, add material to, or maintain a web log or web logs: Ronda blogs for private and for business reasons.

Christine was writing a daily blog about her personal opinions, activities, and experiences.

blog, blogs (BLAHG, BLAHGZ) (nouns)
A web site, typically personal, on which frequent, daily entries and opinions are made: Christine was writing a daily blog and her friends were also writing blogs about their personal opinions, activities, and experiences.

flog, flogs (FLAHG, FLAHGZ) (verbs)
1. To beat or whip someone severely: The guard was about to flog the prisoner as punishment for trying to escape.
2. Used in a figurative sense: The press is expected to flog the police chief for his failure to take appropriate action against the criminal elements in his city.
flog, flogs (FLAHG, FLAHGZ) (nouns)
The practice of public whipping, or beating, was often administered in historical times as a form of punishment and is still being done in some countries; especially, to women: The TV news reveals flogs being administered to women in certain countries even in these modern days.

There are some people who believe that there are way too many blobs (indistinct shapeless forms) of blogs on the internet and there are those who believe that a few flogs from the press would be a good idea.

Karin's idea for a new blog is just a bit of a blob in Herb's mind right now. He must flog his imagination in order to create several blogs each week for his readers.

Readers are very critical and often flog Jim's blogs; so, writing about those experiences often become entries in his new blogs.