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flecks, flex
flecks (FLEKS) (noun)
1. Tiny spots or marks: There were flecks, or dots, of mica in the stones.
2. Small bits or flakes: Luis could see flecks of dandruff on the collar of his jacket.
flex (FLEKS) (verb)
1. To bend a joint repeatedly: The patient had to flex his fingers many times for the doctor.
2. To bend something pliant or elastic: This material has the ability to flex which is good for doing Leann's exercises.

Ruthie loves this strip of plastic because whenever she wants to flex it, the flecks of silver sparkle in the sunshine.

1. To bend (something pliant or elastic), or to be able to be bent: "The board flexes as you step on it."
2. To bend something, especially a joint of the body.
3. To move or tense (flex) a muscle, or to become tense or contracted.
4. To bend (a joint) repeatedly.
5. To contract (a muscle, for example); to move by muscular control.
6. To exhibit or show off some kind of strength.
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(Latin: bend, bending; curve, curving; turn, turning)