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(Greek: even, level, smooth; used in the sense of "flat" or "plane")
(Greek: leaf; from the adjective petalos, "flat, spread out")
(Latin: flat, even, level, smooth)
(Greek: broad, wide; flat, level)
(Latin: flat space, plain; of or pertaining to fields)
(Latin: to blow, a puff of wind or air; by extension, accumulation of gas in the stomach or bowels)
(Latin: flat cake; cakelike mass, especially the uterine organ that connects the mother to the child by way of the umbilical cord)
(Latin: sole of the foot; to tread down with the sole or the flat bottom or the underside of the foot; and by extension, to level the ground for sowing seeds)
(Latin: the flat, triangular bone in the back of the shoulder; the shoulder blade)
(Greek > Latin: ankle, tarsal plate of the eyelid; from Greek tarsos, frame of wickerwork; broad, flat surface, as also in tarsos podos, the flat of the foot, instep of the foot; the edge of the eyelid)
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alluvial flat, river flat (s) (noun); alluvial flats, river flats (pl)
A small plain where gravel, sand, and mud are deposited on the sides of rivers during floods: Alluvial flats usually form where streams leave earth materials in river valleys or deltas.
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delta flat (s) (noun), delta flats (pl)
A low-lying area that is formed by sediment which is deposited by a stream entering a body of standing water: A delta flat is formed when a stream flows into stationary waters; such as, a pond, lake, reservoir, or calm ocean or sea.

A decrease in the velocity of the flowing is decreased in speed and lowers the stream's capacity, causing its contents to be deposited as a delta flat.

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flat world
There is no better way to flatten the world than by making all of the world's knowledge; or even just a big chunk of it, available to anyone and everyone, anytime, anywhere!
isoelectric electroencephalogram, flat electroencephalogram
1. An electroencephalogram (study of electrical current within the brain) indicating the absence of electric potentials of cerebral origin, indicative under certain specified conditions of cerebral death.
2. An electroencephalogram or the graphic recording of the electric discharges of the cerebral cortex as detected by electrodes on the surface of the scalp in which no recognizable waveforms or deviations from the baseline of electrical activity can be discerned as arising from the brain.
3. A graphic chart on which no tracings are recorded during electroencephalography, indicating a lack of brain wave activity.

Flat readings are indicative of brain death except in cases of profound hypothermia and central nervous system depression.

nemertine: flat-worms
Belonging to the class of flat-worms (chiefly marine) known as Nemertina, Nemertida, or Nemertea; usually characterized by an elongated, very contractile body, and often brilliantly colored.
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platyrrhine, platyrhine: flat-nose monkey
1. In zoology, a monkey belonging to the infraorder Platyrrhini of the order Primates, distinguished by a flattened nose with widely separated nostrils facing outwards and including most of the New World monkeys.
2. Of or pertaining to this group of monkeys which have the nose, or the nasal bones, flat or broad; a platyrrhine person or skull.
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flat-plate array, flat plate array, flatplate array
A photovoltaic (PV) array that consists of non-concentrating PV modules.
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flat-plate module, flat plate module, flatplate module
An arrangement of photovoltaic cells or material mounted on a rigid flat surface with the cells exposed freely to incoming sunlight.
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flat-plate photovoltaics, flat plate photovoltics, flatplate photovoltaics; PV
A PV array or module that consists of nonconcentrating elements.

Flat-plate arrays and modules use direct and diffuse sunlight, but if the array is fixed in position, some portion of the direct sunlight is lost because of oblique sun-angles in relation to the array.

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