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(Latin: flash, sparkle, glitter; quiver)
(Latin: to shine, to flash, to glow, to burn; fulmi-, lightning, thunder forth, denounce; related to fulg-)
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electronic flash unit
A small xenon-filled tube with metal electrodes fused into ends.

The gas flashes brilliantly when a capacitor is discharged through the tube.

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electronic flash, flashtube, strobe light
1. A flash lamp, usually attached to a camera or housed within the camera body, which produces brilliant flashes of light by the discharge of electric current through a gas-filled tube.
2. A high-intensity flashing beam of light produced by charging a capacitor to a very high voltage then discharging it as a high-intensity flash of light in a tube.
3. A lamp that produces very short, intense flashes of light by means of an electric discharge in a gas.

The ability of strobe lights, or electronic flashes, to "freeze" the motion of rapidly moving objects by making them visible for only a fraction of a second makes them very useful in photography and in measuring vibration and other types of high-speed motion.

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flash flood
A sudden flood usually associated with a sudden heavy rainfall.
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