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flare, flair, flayer
flare (FLAIR) (verb)
1. To blaze up with a sudden, bright light: Sparklers flare up in the dark night.
2. To burst out suddenly in anger, violence, etc.: Many people flare up when a child's abuse is revealed.
flair (FLAIR) (noun)
A natural talent or ability, an aptitude, a knack: Mike's daughter had a flair for math because she was excellent at it.
flayer (FLAY uhr) (noun)
1. A person who strips off the skin or surface of something: The skin of the deer was stripped off by the flayer.
2. The taking of a person's possessions by the use of force or an authority: The new government taxes seemed to be like a flayer of the peoples' earnings.
3. The act of harshly blaming or severely criticizing: The husband received a flayer from his wife when she found out where he had been that night.

Reginald, the newspaper writer, had a flair for words when he was writing about corrupt government officials.

He appeared to be a flayer of the reputations of politicians and, as a result, the response of his targeted victims was to flare up in angry indignation.

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solar flare
A region of exceptionally high temperature and brightness that suddenly develops in the solar chromosphere near a sunspot. It is often associated with magnetic field activities.
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A sudden, transitory burst of activity in the sun's atmosphere involving the release of radiation and high-energy particles.

The origin of flares is uncertain, although they seem to be related to areas of high magnetic field.

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flare star
A star whose brightness can increase by as much as two to 100 times in a matter of minutes, then return to normal.
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