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fail; flail
fail (FAYL) (verb)
1. To prove deficient or lacking; to perform ineffectively or inadequately: The business is expected to fail to fulfill its promises.
2. To decline, as in strength or effectiveness: The lights in the room seemed to fail as a result of the electric storm which caused the generators to stop working.
flail (FLAYL) (verb)
1. To beat or to strike with or as if with a stick; that is, to whack with a manual threshing device consisting of a long wooden handle and a shorter, free swinging stick attached to its end: The tourists could see some people on the farm flail the grain to get the seeds out of the husks.
2. To move vigorously or erratically; to thrash about: Because James was afraid of drowning, he started to flail his arms helplessly in the swimming pool.

Apparently, the farmer was about to fail to flail his wheat before the weather became too rainy.