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fisher, fissure, phisher
fisher (FISH ur) (noun)
Someone who, for business or pleasure, catches specific aquatic creatures: Cara's father used to be a fisher and caught lots of trout in the rivers.
fissure (FISH ur) (noun)
1. A narrow crack or cleft; as in, a rock face: The fissure in the tile walkway outside the house provided growing space for the weeds.
2. A separation or division; a schism or split: The fissure of the castes resulted in countless subcastes.
phisher (FISH ur) (noun)
Someone who uses unlawful ways of gaining secured credit card numbers, bank account information, brokerage information, and generally anything that could provide a financial gain in line with fraudulent operations: A phisher is anyone who tries to illegally procure money from people on the internet by using their pecuniary data.

Years ago I heard the story about a fisher who was wading in the lake and caught his foot in a fissure on the lake bottom.

1. A narrow opening, cleft, crevice, or furrow.
2. The act of cleaving, or the state of being cleft; cleavage.
3. In anatomy, any cleft or furrow of the body, as between the lobes of the liver or one of the furrows on the surface of the brain.
4. Etymology: from Middle English fent, from Old French fente, "cleft" from fendre, "to cleave" ("to split" or "to divide"); which came from Latin findere, "to split".
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cervical fissure
A congenital fissure (deep furrow, cleft, or slit) of the neck.
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palpebral fissure
The space between the eyelids extending from the outer to the inner canthus (either of the corners of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet).
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