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first lady, first lady
first lady (FURST LAY dee) (noun) or First Lady when it refers to the U.S. President's wife.
1. The wife or hostess of the chief executive of a country, state, or city: The U.S. President and the First Lady went to the reception together.
2. The foremost woman of a specified profession or art: Ladonna has the reputation of being the first lady of theater and dance in England.
first lady (FURST LAY dee) (noun)
The wife to whom someone was married before any subsequent wives: When a head of state who had wedded a fourth time was asked if his wife were the first lady, he responded by saying, "No, she's my fourth lady".

Ms. Brown was the first lady of the violin and often gave concerts hosted by the first lady of her government and attended by the First Lady, wife of the President of the United States.