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(Greek > Latin: chief, principal leader, first [in position or rank])
(Modern Latin: some say it comes from Greek proto, "first"; plus actinium, "ray"; so, “first actinium”; radioactive metal)
(Latin: first, chief, foremost; of first rank)
(Latin: first, chief)
(Latin: former; first; superior)
(Greek: first; foremost, front, earliest form of, original, primitive; chief, principal; usually used as a prefix)
(generally a reference to indigenous people in general; being the first or earliest known of its kind present in a region: aboriginal forests, aboriginal rocks; of or relating to Aborigines or people of Australia)
(Greek: beginning; the first, the leader, the ruler; being first has two different, but often related, meanings: one meaning indicated first in time; another indicated first in importance)
(Until recently, the usual explanation for the first pandemics was not biological but a result of immorality)
(the first newsletter of a series that was formerly presented to subscribers by the Sr. Scribe, a.k.a. John Robertson)
(Old English: (first meaning), more forward; (current meaning), in addition, to a grater degree)
(the first Latin words to find their way into the English language owe their adoption to the early contact between the Roman and the Germanic tribes on the European continent and Greek came with Latin and French while others were borrowed directly; especially, in the fields of science and technology)
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Cast the first stone (John 8:7)
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first cause
The beginning of an entire series of causes; usually, identified with God.
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First Point of Aries
The point at which the sun, traveling from south to north on the ecliptic, crosses the celestial equator.

Identical to the vernal equinox.

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