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finish (verb), finishes; finished; finishing
1. To do the last part or to reach the end of something so that it is complete: Shirley finished her speech to her fellow students and left the podium for the next speaker.
2. To stop happening; that is, to bring to an end or to terminate something: The meeting finished on a negative note.
3. To eat, to consume, to drink, or to use all of something so that there is nothing left: Ted's boy was in a hurry to finish his meal so he could go see a movie.
4. To be in a particular position at the end of a race or a competition: Shawn and Tony's football team was expected to finish in second place.
5. To rub a surface, or to put a substance on it, in order to make it smooth and attractive: After the polish was applied to the car, rubbed off, and everything was finished, it looked like a new vehicle.
6. To bring about the ruin of something: Some investors believe the stock market crash was finished or ended for many financial speculators.
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