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complete, complete, finished
complete (kuhm PLEET) (adjective)
Consisting of the total number of the necessary elements or items: The kit was complete, having all the parts to build the model railroad car.

The department manager stated that when the report is complete, he wanted to see it ASAP.

complete (kuhm PLEET) (verb)
To finish, to provide the required information, to make whole: Jim will complete the forms to apply for a credit card.
finished (FIN ish't)
1. Having been terminated or brought to an end: The speaker finished the speech with an amusing story.
2. Having reached the end of an activity, job, etc.: Cameron started his homework two hours ago and he still isn't finished.

After the apprentice workers finished each toy kit, the senior craftsman checked to be sure the kits were complete before they were put in their designated boxes.

finish (verb), finishes; finished; finishing
1. To do the last part or to reach the end of something so that it is complete: Shirley finished her speech to her fellow students and left the podium for the next speaker.
2. To stop happening; that is, to bring to an end or to terminate something: The meeting finished on a negative note.
3. To eat, to consume, to drink, or to use all of something so that there is nothing left: Ted's boy was in a hurry to finish his meal so he could go see a movie.
4. To be in a particular position at the end of a race or a competition: Shawn and Tony's football team was expected to finish in second place.
5. To rub a surface, or to put a substance on it, in order to make it smooth and attractive: After the polish was applied to the car, rubbed off, and everything was finished, it looked like a new vehicle.
6. To bring about the ruin of something: Some investors believe the stock market crash was finished or ended for many financial speculators.
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(Latin: a suffix; expressing capacity, fitness to do that which can be handled or managed, suitable skills to accomplish something; capable of being done, something which can be finished, etc.)