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finesse (s) (noun), (sometimes) finesses (pl)
1. A delicate and skillful quality in the way someone moves or handles something: Helena walked across the room with an elegant finesse in her style.
2. Skill in dealing with difficult or troublesome situations; especially, those in which a person might easily offend other people: Mr. Charles, an experienced diplomat, was able to handle the disagreement among his guests with grace and finesse.

The script of the new play required the actor to handle the staged argument with finesse.

Even though Lina refused the man's offer of marriage, she did it with such finesse that his feelings were not hurt and they remained friends.

3. Elegance and delicacy of performance and execution; including, a subtle handling of a situation with tactful and diplomatic maneuvering: The reporter handled the interview questions with finesse as she spoke with the head of the war-torn country.
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