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final, finale, finally, finely
final (FIGHN'l) (adjective)
Referring to the completion or end of something: Bianca was extremely glad when she passed the final exam.
finale (FIGHN'l ee) (noun)
The conclusion or last part; the end: Dale sang a magnificent song for the finale.
finally (fuh NAH lee) (adverb)
Pertaining to how the outcome or the result took place: After looking for an hour, Nelda finally found her keys.
finely (FIGHN lee) (adverb)
1. Referring to how something is produced with much care, usually into very small particles: The nuts for the cupcakes should be finely chopped.
2. Superior in quality: Ruth and Allen enjoyed the finely performed recital by the students at the music hall.

Selma and her friends attended a finely executed dance recital at the end of which the dancers performed, as their final number, the grand finale from a famous ballet before it was finally time for the curtain to come down.

finally (adverb) (not comparable)
Being or seeming to be the end of a long process or experience: Sara was finally at the finish line of the marathon.
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(Latin: to freeze; frosting; cold; then, to congeal, and finally: gelatin)
(Latin: book; originally, the "inner bark of a tree", whence "the text written on this", "collection of leaves for writing", and finally "book")
(toilets were finally developed into practical utilities)