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filing, filling
filing (FIGHL ing) (noun)
1. A small piece that is removed when something is smoothed or rubbed with a with a rough surfaced tool: When the iron chair was worked on, it was easy to see the results of the filing on the ground.
2. The act of giving an official form or document to someone in authority in order to begin a legal process: The filing for the income tax return was taken care of by the tax consultant.
3.The job, activity, or storing of documents in an organized and safe place: The secretary at the school does all the computer work and filing for the principal.
filling (FIL ing) (noun)
1. Material that is placed inside something to occupy empty space: Lara wanted to have a gold filling when she went to the dentist.
2.A food mixture that is put inside something to complete a recipe: The pie needs more apple filling or the crust will be more significant than the fruit.

After the dentist put a filling in Mike's tooth, she wrote up the report and gave it to the clerk for filing.

The clerk said he would complete the filing the following day because he was late filing his income tax forms, explaining that he had difficulty filling in the questionnaire.

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In filling out an application, where it says, "In case of emergency, notify..." I answered "a doctor".
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