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figment (s) (noun), figments (pl)
1. Something produced by, or only existing in, someone's imagination: Was it only a figment of his dream that Harry's girlfriend had agreed to marry him, or was it really true?
2. Something invented, made up, or fabricated: It was just a figment of her imagination without any basis on fact that Mary will get to go on a trip with her friends in the summer.
3. An invention; a fiction; something imagined: The assertions that the new governor will improve the financial growth for his state are the figments of idle political brains.
4. Etymology: from Latin figmentum, "something formed or fashioned, creation"; related to figura, "shape"; from Old French figure; from Latin figura, "a shape, a form, a figure".
Something that is imagined.
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Something that is only in a person's mind.
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