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fiend, friend
fiend (FEEND) (noun)
1. An evil spirit, a demon, a devil, or a very evil or cruel person: From what Jane had read in the newspaper he seemed to be a murderous fiend.
2. Someone who is deeply dedicated to and involved with something; such as, a sport: I think Eliza is a real athletic fiend because she spends just about all of her time on the sports field.
friend (FREND) (noun)
A person whom you like and enjoy being with: Susan has always been a good friend of Abby by supporting her whenever she needs it.

In the small business, the people knew they had a friend in the senator who supported the tax relief that they needed if they were to survive the bad economic times.

The police said the fiend who was preying on youth in the park often met them by pretending to be their friend. In fact, the fiend was a fiend for skateboarding.